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Céline Eloy
Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapist


yoga means union

Yoga is a practice of physical exercises, breath control, relaxation, positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing harmony, union in the body and mind, to bring a state of calmness.

Benefits of a regular practice:

  • helps relieve chronic pain
  • makes you stronger
  • develops flexibility and mobility
  • helps to detoxify the body (aids in organ function)
  • helps with stress relief
  • helps to sleep better
  • gain a sense of inner calm
  • reminds you to breathe
  • helps to live in the present

Yoga Therapy

delivers yoga therapy tools to meet individual needs

When a client visit a yoga therapist, he/she is not coming to learn yoga, but to get help or relief from some symptom or health condition that is disturbing him/her.

Yoga therapy sessions are client-led, client-focused, and compassion-focused. Together, the client and the therapist will work on the client's need, mixing yoga techniques such as postures, breath practices, meditation to improve the client's health or to support any on-going issues.

The goal is to help the client to feel better, improve his/her function and promote self-care.

Yoga Therapy may help to:

  • reduce physical suffering (back pain, musculaskeletal problems, diabetes, cancer, HIV, MS, autoimmune diseases, insomnia, IBS, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity)
  • reduce mental suffering (stress, deression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, eating disorders, addiction, autism, post-natal depression)
  • respiration issues (asthma, long covid)
  • digestive issues
  • cardiovascular issues (blood pressure, heart)
  • cope with some of the challenges of Parkinson's or Alzheimer's


a key for keeping staff motivated, healthy and happy

Corporate yoga is a form of corporate wellness that teaches yoga with simple yoga poses, stretches, breathing techniques, and meditation/mindfulness exercises to the staff.

The main goal is to enhance the mental & physical well-being of the workplace while saving the corporation money when it comes to employee-related expenses.

Benefits for employees and companies:

  • increases energy
  • reduces stress
  • higher confidence
  • improves flexibility
  • improves posture
  • increases focus
  • improves breathing
  • increases morale
  • better immunity
  • lower absenteeism
  • more creativity
  • improve digestion
  • higher productivity
  • less aggressively


Céline's classes are always very well planned and she always tries to introduce something different. She gives excellent advice to help you get into the posture.


Everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from this class ! Thank you, so so good :)


Céline does a fantastic class! Her class always leaves me feeling great.


An hour of deep relaxation and supported stretches. I'm floating my way home. And Céline is a delight, setting the gentle, quiet and supportive environment perfectly